Parallel test didnt split my test


Hello, I am configuring my TC with the parallel test configuration with two agents and it doesnt divide the tests between the two agents, but rather performs the same number of tests in total in both

I have a 19 test in total and this test didnt split between the 2 agents


why didnt works correctly?


Hi, could you please clarify what build steps do you have in your build? By default, the Parallel Tests feature works for Maven, Gradle, and .NET runners.



Hi, It is possible that this doesnt work correctly because of this message that appears?



Hi. TeamCity will not split the tests between the agents automatically if Visual Studio runner is used. But it should do so if you use the .NET Runner. If you need to use the Visual Studio runner, you will also need to implement some custom logic in your tests that will split them between the agents. You can find more details in this section:


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