Corrupted TeamCity installation is detected


Trying to automatically upgrade from TeamCity Enterprise 2022.04.1 (build 108575) to latest
resulted inn Halt see bellow . restore is not working

Corrupted TeamCity installation is detected. Reinstall TeamCity server ensuring no files from previous installation are present under "D:\TeamCity\webapps\ROOT" directory.
Installed TeamCity Software

Version: 2022.04.3 (build 108706)

Required data format version: 980
Data directory

Data Directory path is not specified/detected yet

Data format version: unknown

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Case is solved. 
Antivirus was "holding" a file and then the update process could not reinstall.

stopped av
stopped tc service

renamed TeamCity folder (make sure datafolder is backed up and in a separate place.

ran the installer .exe 

edited the server.xml

started the service

started the antivirus

all good


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