Sakura UI - Adding a Build Result Tab (converting a ViewLogTab to Sakura)

Is it possible to add a tab to the Build Results using Sakura?  I have one implemented in the old way, but I'd like to convert it so that it uses RingUI Table instead of importing Datatables.js.

I'm using a similar structure to the SakuraUI Github project to add the other bits of UI in the Build Summary etc, so if it could live alongside that it would be great.


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Hi James! 

It's Denis - TeamCity Frontend developer. 
Thank you for your interest in this topic. 

In general, every tab is just a piece of a Web application, so you need to build your frontend app first (for example, as a build step). To build it, you can consume "Create React App", import Ring UI there as a module, and then use RingUI Table. Then, in the tab entry point (index.html), you can call for the freshly generated bundle.js in <script src ...> (the same you do for the datatables.js)

Another option is to integrate your report not as a tab but as a plugin into a certain PlaceId. That allows you to put vital information not in a dedicated tab but somewhere in the first-view-reachable place. We provide an API for integration - I would recommend starting from these articles

I understand that it sounds not like the easiest approach, so if you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask. 

Hey Denis

Good to meet you - thanks for the reply.

I've gone with the first suggestion (it's a lot of data and it makes most sense to have its own tab).  I've landed on what I think is what you meant, but might be a slight variation?  I have a JSP file for the tab, and that includes a DIV and the bundle js script.  I ended up with that for an ugly reason: I needed the BuildId of the current view in the rect app so I added it as a Global variable via the JSP.  Is there a better way of getting what would be the 'location' parameter on a Plugin via some global context?  I had a look but couldn't find anything.


Hello James,

Speaking of a light variation: there is a task that aimed to provide an easy way to integrate plugins as tabs in Sakura. Please, vote for it. 

In your case, you should operate with Model objects in Controller/JSP files. 
You have to fill the model with the required data. That should look something like this:

protected void fillModel(@NotNull final Map<String, Object> model,
@NotNull final HttpServletRequest request,
@NotNull final SBuild build) {
 SBuildType bt = build.getBuildType();
String btId = bt.getBuildTypeId();
String buildId = build.getBuildId();

model.put("buildId", buildId);
model.put("buildTypeId", btId);

In JSP, you can consume the bean like:

<c:set var="buildId" value="${buildId}"/>

Let me know if it helps. 



Sorry for all the dumb questions: this is my first TeamCity plugin, and also my first time using Kotlin and Spring (I'm a C++ & Python programmer at work, and have some JS/React experience as a hobby).  This is a half work, half hobby project - it's a Runner to simplify launching & parsing the output of UnrealEngine builds.  I'll be making it OSS (and maybe publishing it on the Marketplace) when I can - I just need to fill out some forms at work that I've not gotten round to yet.

Anyway, I probably wasn't very clear - that's actually very close to what I had, but I used the fillModel in my class derived from ViewLogTab as opposed to a separate controller?

I was meaning how to get that BuildId to my React App effectively, not using a Global JS variable.  For anyone reading this who's trying to do the same thing, I ended up doing it like this:

Results-tab.jsp (this is the one that the class derived from ViewLogTab uses)

<div id="uebg_results" data-buildid='<c:out value="${buildId}"/>'></div>
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="plugins/uebg/buildtab.bundle.js"></script>

Then in my bundle entry point, index.js:

const root = document.getElementById('uebg_results');
<UEBuildResults {...(root.dataset)} />,

Which results in an attribute called "buildid" being passed to the component.

I've gone ahead and upvoted that task.

Thanks again for the help!



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