Teamcity mix unix and windows projects


Hi I have a deployment issue in that  i  run the 1st part of my project under  unix, I now want to do things i can only do with Powershell ( ie windows) to complete this.

How to i kick off a project that will run x number of tasks on a unix server, and then I want to "hand control" to Windows project, with the same parameters to finish off the task?


Is there a way to do this?


I created a project where the unix task had a unix agent dependency, and the job was picked up by the windows server, which  just "ignored" the 1st task and run the 2nd task.


Not what I want 

Any Ideas?


You can use Dependency Parameters to reuse the parameters in the Dependent Build of a Build Chain

Your Windows Build can have a Snapshot Dependency on the Unix Build, creating a build chain like this:

Then, in your Windows Build Parameters, create a parameter with a reference to the desired Unix Build parameter.

Now, when you run the Windows Build, it will automatically trigger the Unix Build and then run the Windows Build with the same parameter used in the Unix Build.

You can learn more about pipelines (known as Build Chains in TeamCity) by watching our YouTube guide on How to create your first build chain.


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