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Have on-prem 2021.1.4 (build 92954). Looking for the best way to alleviate a disk space issue where it can't be extended, so I'm searching for ways to move projects to another storage volume in case we need them later. Right now, I export them and delete them via the GUI (and remove the artifacts), but there has to be a better way, like moving an archive or something. It doesn't appear that you can back up individual projects, or export including all attributes. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi Corwin,


moving projects is unlikely to do anything with your problem. Projects are just a collection of xml files, so even in a very large server it's unlikely to go beyond MBs. I'd recommend reviewing exactly what is taking the space, which is most likely artifacts, and maybe caches. Build data (excluding artifacts, logs and settings) is also unlikely to cause issues on the server unless you have the database on the same server, which is not recommended in production services.


For artifacts, our suggestion usually is to set up appropriate clean up policies for long term, but you should be able to remove any artifacts from the folders (by deleting or by moving them away) without impacting the server behavior (of course, they would stop being available). Then there are two options. You can either use external artifact storage, usually through cloud providers:

or you can have it on a network share, and tell TeamCity to access artifacts as well on that location: Please keep in mind that teamcity will always use the first location for storing, so while the second one can be used for safekeeping, TeamCity will not do any effort in attempting to keep any amount of free space, you will need to check it yourselves.


For long term health, please consider setting up clean up policies in your projects.


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