TeamCity: Question regarding "" and "Free disk space"

I have a question regarding the interaction between "" and the build feature called "Free disk space".

I have read this page but I'm still unclear on the following:

Is "Free disk space" entirely unable to release space if the work folders are not older than "expireHours"?

So f.ex. let's say that you create a brand new agent and set expireHours = 24, but the disk already fills up within 12 hours (i.e. all the working directories are younger than 24 hours).
In that case would TC then be totally unable to free space, and end up failing all builds that tries to run on the agent in the next 12 hours?

Kasper Pagh


The Free Disk Space build feature will respect the and properties. 

  • is an agent property that can be added to the file
  • is a configuration property that can be added as a parameter in a build configuration

If either of these settings exist, the Free Disk Space feature will honor those settings. So if you create a build agent with, the Free Disk Space build feature will not remove files that are younger than 24 hours old.




Thanks for getting back to me Eric Borchardt.
The answer is much appreciated!


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