Retrieve VCS Parameter values via the TeamCity API?

I was attempting an audit of all of our services existing in TC that get deployed to our runtime environments. I was hoping to be able to retrieve the VCS roots associated with every subproject within our organization. To do this, I would like to retrieve the url property for all VCS roots within a given project and have attempted to get this via the vcs-roots path of the TC API. I'll include my query below:


Currently my query allows me to retrieve each of the properties (containing name/value) however I would like to filter the results to only get the value for the 'url' property? Is this possible? I attempted using the property dimension (defined here) but that seems to be matching on property values, rather than filtering my current results.

I think I might be able to get around this using a utility like jq but wanted to see if there is functionality that I might be missing with the fields query parameter.


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