Random "There is not enough space on disk" message wile there is sufficient disk space.


Sometimes we get an error message "not enough of free disk space" during the vcs checkout phase (Perforce) or during the execution of the Unreal Engine 4 build. Restarting the same task results in the correct execution because the disk actually has enough free space to run several such tasks. TC Agent and workspace aren't located on system disk. Have you encountered this problem before? I am very keen to eliminate such cases in the future.

TeamCity Professional 2020.2.4 (build 86063)

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Hello Grzegorz Jaglinski,

Could you please provide the following for an example that illustrates the problem:

  • full build log downloaded from the UI
  • teamcity-agent.log from the corresponding agent
  • teamcity-server.log for the corresponding timeframe
  • teamcity-vcs.log for the same timeframe

You can upload logs as an archive on our uploads service: https://uploads.jetbrains.com/. Don't forget the upload ID.


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