Builds time takes 2 times longer after TeamCity upgrade


Hello Support Team,

We upgraded TeamCity to newest Professional 2021.1.1 (build 92714) version.

After that all our builds takes ~2 times longer than before. What is wrong? Is any bug? How to fix it?

What kind of information do you need? Some logs, screens? Let me know.

Treat as URGENT.


Can you help me with that?




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Hello Thomas,

I suggest to start by comparing any two builds of the same build configuration started pre- and post-upgrade to see if any specific build stage got delayed. If in doubt, please feel free to upload the logs to (several pairs from different build configurations could be more representative) and share the upload ID there so I will check the difference. 

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Hello Fedor,


Attached 3 sample build logs.

Upload ID: 2021_07_09_SoFmwjDFcJhmeuQS

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Hello Thomas,

Thank you for the data provided. First of all, it does not seem that the issue is related to the upgrade - all three pairs of build logs you have shared mention that the builds were executed on the 2021.1.1 version. I have took a first log pair as an example - it seems that the difference mostly comes from two below steps:

  • Step 4/25: Build Consumer Solution (MSBuild) (grown from 12m:27s to 31m:55s)
  • Step 19/25: Run tests in single process (xUnit) (grown from 9m:06s to 13m:07s)

Since 2019.2.3, MSBuild is no longer actively supported, so I believe there were no changes in the code of this runner. The only important different part I was able to find is the change in revision the build runs on; could you please try to rerun the Consumer_Packages_ReleaseConsumer build on 60e557abea55138214ab9459daa0f07dd16d8136 commit to see the time of execution? Could you please also try to build the 8e644083e8b4ba140887014c1912295f540cd995 revision manually on agent machine to see if the build time for the clean and build targets deviates from the second build`s?


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