"Exclude default branch changes from other branches" not working correctly.


In TeamCity, I have a few build configurations used only by feature branches, which correspond to Jira issues. I have also configured the integration between TeamCity and Jira such that builds can be linked to Jira issues via commit messages.

The idea is that because feature branches have a 1-to-1 correspondance with Jira issues, so too do the commits/changes, and as a result these builds will only be linked with that certain Jira ticket. I looked to accomplish this by enabling "Exclude default branch changes from other branches" which, quoting the documentation, states "If you want to see the changes in a feature branch only, check the box to exclude changes in the default branch from being displayed in other branches."

This seemed to work for a short while. However, after a while I noticed that newly-created feature branches with only one or two commits made to them would end up having 100+ changes attached to them, from commits made seemingly to the develop branch in the past. This is what I thought however that option I enabled earlier would avoid doing, only showing the changes/commits made to that specific feature branch. Even if I run a build right after the feature branch is created, and therefore has nothing new commited to it, it still has these 100+ changes attached to the build, which can only be gotten rid of after running the build once, which is very far from ideal.

This causes issues for us as it means that unrelated Jira issues have this build linked to them, which we cannot have. Is there any extra config I need to do or any known reasons why this may be happening?

Thank you in-advance for any help provided with this.

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