please help applying new CA signed certificate to Team City Server

We have this Team City server with CA Signed SSL certificate from GoDaddy that expires in 2 days on June 20, 2021 and we have the new version of the certificate from the CA but we afre unclear how to apply the certificate to our Team City web app hosted on an Azure IaaS VM. We have a separate team city agents server. 

Looking at the documentation it appears this procedure would have been followed to originally configure the certificate binding but it's not obvious how to update the binding for an expiring certificate. I have cert pfx, pfx, etc but where do it put it and how do i bind it in this? 

I have not touched a JVM keystore in at least 10 years and am not a developer. I don't know who set this up.

Any help is greatly appreciated!





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in case someone else has to update their SSL certificate the solution is simple.

just find directory your existing team city certificate is in and copy the new certificate to the same directory 

in my case the path was c:/teamcity/conf/ssl

now find the server.xml file inside the team city directory and edit with notepad++

replace name of existing certificate with name of your new certificate 

replace keystore password with password of your certificate


restart tenacity services from services.msc or server manager

my install has numerous so had to start multiple not knowing which was the effective one.



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