How to use dotMemory Unit with the general .Net runner?


we want to use dotMemory Unit for Unit testing code where we expect possible memory issues. I configured our complete Buildchain to use the new .Net Runner, but I can not figure out how to configure it for using dotMemory Unit.

I already installed the dotMemory Unit plugin from github ( ). Unfortunately the installation instructions are quite useless regarding how to reference the dotMemory commandline tool actually in the .Net runner.

I found this blog post from 2015 which references the old .Net Test Runner. The NUnit Runner used as example in the blogpost still shows the dotMemory section, but as we use MSTest V2 already for unit testing we don't want to switch to NUnit at the moment.

What we have:

  • project references dotMemory Unit
  • dotMemeory Unit plugin is installed on TeamCity and TeamCity got restarted
  • also dotMemory Standalone Runner is unzipped on build agent server.
  • buildconfiguration for testing using the .Net Runner (with "test" command) as part of a buildchain

What we don't have:

  • the link to dotMemory Unit in the buildconfiguration for testing

How can I tell the buildconfiguration that the tests have to be executed using dotMemory Unit?

Thanks & best regards!

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In case someone else is running into this problem:


After contacting support directly, they provided a new build of the TeamCity plugin which enabled the dotMemoryTest options on the new runner types.

The new version is available here.


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