Using "refs/tags/" in the branch filter build configuration trigger



With the configuration below, I can trigger that build configuration when a tag is pushed that is prefixed with "release-v".

At the project level, here's the relevant settings:
- VCS -> Branch specification
- I've also checked the Enable to use tags in the branch specification checkbox.

At the build configuration level, VCS -> Branch filter

However, when I update the branch filter to `+:refs/tags/release-v*`, it doesn't work. Why do I not require `refs/tags/` in the branch filter while I needed it the branch specification?

Thank you!


Hi Clyde,

That's because branch filters work with Logical Branch Names that are defined in a VCS root configuration.


Thanks, Mikhail! Was a bit confusing and I was wondering if I was configuring something incorrectly as I'm still in the learning phase. Thanks for confirming.


Happy to help Clyde.

Feel free to use our documentation as a go-to resource whenever you're having questions or doubts. Most of them will probably be resolved after searching by a few relevant keywords. If you feel like you need extra assistance from the Support Team, rest assured we are always here to lend you a hand.


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