At my wits end just trying to get Team City to build a .NET Framework 4.8 solution?????


This isn't a core solution.  Its a .NET solution built using VS 2019 on the .NET Framework 4.8.  Please someone provide some documentation of HOW TO DO THIS!!!????  Everything I've tried doesn't work. I've completely filled my build server with installing EVERYTHING .NET that I can find and at no time does my build agent EVER EVEN GET PAST THE PREREQS!!!  Where is there a clear WALK THRU TO MAKE TEAM CITY BUILD A .NET Helix based solution??????????

I'm about to toss Team City and switch to something that I can actually figure out how to configure!  FFS... all i want to do is build my Visual Studio solution file in team city and you'd think i'm trying to perform brain surgery.

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Sorry to hear you feel disappointed about the product. It would help if you could attach the build log of a failing build, or at least specify the error due to which the build fails.

Generally, you will need the dotnet CLI and the suitable version of .NET SDK installed on the build agent (assuming you are using the .NET runner with build command, which would typically be the recommended way). It's hard to suggest anything more specific than that without having the details about how the build fails. If the build log contains confidential details, you can raise a support request (Submit a request button at the top of the page) and attach the build log there.

Kind Regards,  
Anatoly Cherenkov
Support Engineer, TeamCity


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