How to Find the git commit which broke the build Automatically ?



My team want to use teamcity, we use kotlin DSL for pipeline. we want to find the  (git)commit which broke the build (automatically)

eg. I push 6 commits, teamcity well trigger one build, but the build failed ,I want to know which commit broke th build

I know there are two methods:

1. use sincicy plugin :

2. In build->change log, Manually click 'run build' to rebuild each build

but i can't use third party plugins in our server.

I want to know wether I can  use kotlin DSL(settings.kts) to finish this function:

when the build failed, it well automatically rebuild each commit parallelly, then i will know which commit broke the build.


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I know REST API can finish this job.
but I want to make sure whether I can do this in kotlin DSL.

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Kotlin DSL is used by TeamCity to generate projects and build configurations in the form of XML files. You cannot use it to trigger UI actions or any custom actions not present on the regular UI I'm afraid.

Using REST API remains the best solution in your case.


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