Cannot retrieve NuGet packages from TeamCity private feed


I am wondering if there has been a regression of I am running TeamCity 2021.1 (build 92597) and cannot install packages that have been built and published in TeamCity to the feed. If I query the feed directly through Visual Studio's package manager console then I can see the packages:

Get-Package -ListAvailable -Source MyFeed -PreRelease

Id Versions
-- --------
MyPackage 1.2.3-beta.4

But if I try to download them then the packages can't be found

Update-Package MyPackage -Version 1.2.3-beta.4

Update-Package : NU1101: Unable to find package MyPackage . No packages exist with this id in source(s): MyFeed,

The package is one of several that are built and deployed in a single build; Visual Studio will display one of the packages in its UI, but since that package has dependencies on one of the other packages that are not displayed in the UI (but still displayed if I query via the package manager console) then it won't install anyway.

Update: might be a duplicate of


Same. We just updated the server and the packages stopped downloading.


Same here. Upgrade to 2021.1 just killed the nuget packages.


Sorry, this is a known regression in the newly released version. Please vote/watch the related issue (TW-71659) to get further updates. Could you please check if the workaround, suggested in this comment would work for you? 


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