Pull Requests Build Feature and "Trigger a build on changes in snapshot dependencies"

Hello! I have pull request integration working in my TeamCity installation. Builds for Pull Request branches created in Azure DevOps are being automatically queued mostly when I expect them to. I have a setup where there are two builds that depend on an overlapping sets of snapshot dependencies. Here is a much simplified example of what I have:

The Application build is only for the master branch and the Service build is only for the project branch. The problem happens when a pull request is created on the master branch. I would expect these to be queued: Application, Application DLL and Core for the pull request branch created. Instead, I see all 5 builds being queued. 

Note these other settings details:

  • I do not have the pull request branch specified on my VCS root.
  • The Pull Request Build Feature's do limit the target branch to their respective branches as listed in the diagram.
  • The only Triggers for the builds are on the pull request branches.

I do also have "Trigger a build on changes in snapshot dependencies" checked on the triggers. I believe this may be part of the problem. As far as I can see, however, this should be checked. If a pull request is created that changes a file included in the Checkout Rules for the Application DLL, I want it to trigger the build of Application.

Thanks for any help,

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