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I need to build a helm chart file.  Currently the Helm plugin only supports Helm 2 (v 3 has been out for well over a year now....?)

It looks like the command `helm package my-chart` just does a tar then a gzip on the chart directory (it calls it a .tgz file)

I looked into "tools" to see if I could get the Helm 3 binary or 7zip on the agents.  But it the docs link to experimental support for executable files (the liked issue has been open for more than a decade) and are generally confusing on what is a "tool" and what is a "plugin".  It seemed not fully baked. 

But I can't think I am the first one that wants to support this.  (It is common to tar and gzip file right?)

I found a plugin for zip (not tar), but its link shows it is hosted on Codeplex.  A site that has been dead for a long time now.

Does team city have support for tar and zip?  If not, how can I get this working?

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Hi Stephen,


I see you also opened this issue in the tracker for the plugin, right?


TeamCity does have "support for tar and zip", but this term is rather ambiguous. TeamCity can archive artifacts using zip and targz just fine, by setting the artifact paths setting: . Builds which have a dependency on it can also extract the contents of tgz/zips just fine using a similar pattern:


If on the other hand you want specific commands such as helm to create zip or targz packages, then the support has to be directly on the runner or the tool used for it. Command line runners can also be used as long as a supported tool is installed on the agent. Plugins or dedicated TeamCity tools are typically not required for it. Agents are typically hosted on-premises unless you are using the cloud server, so you could just install your preferred application to handle it.


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