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We have a client who's on an older version of TC (2017 I believe) and is looking at moving to Docker. They're hoping to alleviate some of the pains of the upgrade process and having to install the new server version each time they upgrade, and rather simply point to the newer Docker image. Documentation on using and upgrading TeamCity inside Docker is a little sparse, and we have a few questions that we're trying to answer before we solidify the plan.

Are there any differences in the upgrade process between using the Docker images versus the stand-alone install? Any licensing restrictions or gotchas (They have Enterprise currently)? To upgrade from 2017 to the latest, would they need to pull each intermediate version tag (2018), perform the upgrade, pull the next version tag (2019), perform the upgrade, etc?

Thank you!

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Upgrading a TeamCity server running within a docker container is largely the same process as a physical installation. You can even perform the upgrade via the automatic upgrade if you'd like. Please refer to the general upgrade documentation here for a checklist and details on this process:

Otherwise, if you have made no changes to the container, you can just stop the running container, pull a newer version of the image, and the server in it via the usual command. If you changed the image, you will need to replicate the changes to the new TeamCity server image. In general, use Docker common sense to perform the upgrade.

Before upgrading, make sure the maintenance period of your licenses is not yet elapsed (use the Administration | Licenses web UI page to see your license keys). The licenses are valid only for the versions of TeamCity with the effective release date within the maintenance period. Check the effective release date on the release list.
Typically all the minor updates (indicated by changes in the M part of the YYYY.N.M TeamCity version) use the same effective release date (that of the major release).
If not all the licenses cover the target version release date, consider renewing the licenses before the upgrade (you can replace the old license keys with the renewed ones even before the upgrade). Please refer to our documentation covering licensing for upgrades here:

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I had an enterprise license and it's not valid for the new version. Can I get a 60 day trial license and upgrade to the new version and I use TeamCity Enterprise for 60 days, until I actually renew the license for the new version?

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Hosseinm You can request a 60-day evaluation license and use it while you wait to renew. Please request an evaluation license here:


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