Configuring build agent as service on Ubuntu 20.04


Currently running TeamCity Professional 2019.1.3 (build 66439), we have Windows 10 and macOS build agents running nicely as services - using the installer and provided services configuration respectively. Now setting up an Ubuntu 20.04 based agent I am not finding anything similar for this platform and thus far my efforts stringing together my own service definition have been less successful. The agent runs just fine if asked to do so manually, but obviously we would like the agent image to just launch the agent on system boot - like our other agents do.

Am I missing some obvious documentation or resource here?

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I'm not sure if you've found it already, but we do have documentation covering automatic startup in Linux available here:


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Thanks Eric! I had somehow completely missed that.

Will dig into it tomorrow, but at a glance the section on exit status alone looks like something which could have easily foiled my earlier attempts here.


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