VCS Issues after upgrade from 10.0.5 to 2020.2.1


Hi Guys,

We have just migrated and upgraded our TC server from 10.0.5 to 2020.2.1, this involved a server move as well. The process was snapshot the original server and then perform an upgrade on the snapshot then take a back up and use that backup as part of the fresh installation of TC, we aslo seperated MYSQL and TC (MySql is running on as a MS Azure instance) 

On the new server we are getting the 'Error while loading VCS history from DB, builds can start on outdated revisions, see teamcity-vcs.log for details.' error looking at the logs are getting the following error:

[2020-12-22 10:04:01,900] ERROR [-nio-80-exec-25] - jetbrains.buildServer.VCS - Error while loading VCS changes
[2020-12-22 10:04:05,250] ERROR [-nio-80-exec-25] - jetbrains.buildServer.VCS - Error while loading VCS changes
java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException

Full log has id 2020_12_22_2Uo4MuC3RdG94LP3



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This sounds rather unusual. Can you tell me what version of Java you're using on your new installation?


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