New UI observations

Here is some feedback to hopefully help make the new UI better. I have more, but these are the main ones.
In the old UI, each row is the same height. In the new version, the rows are different heights. Consistent row heights are easier to take in. The different row heights in the new version are confusing.
In the old UI, the border between different services is a little darker, so you know exactly which rows belong together with the same service. In the new version, they're all the same.
This becomes even worse when you look at a service that has pending changes. The pending changes link is separated from the previous build by a border which is the same weight and size as the border between services. In the old version, the pending and previous builds are separated by a much lighter line:
In the old version, you have a triangle next to each service, to expand or collapse details. The triangle also serves as further distinction between services. The triangle is gone in the new.
In the old, the service names are a larger font than the details like build version, tests, etc. In the new, nearly everything is the same size. Yes, the service names are darker, but the extra darkness actually is confusing since it's such a contrast to everything else on the page.

As you can see in all the screenshots, in the old version more rows are shown on the screen at a time than the new. All the services in my company's main project don't even fit in the same view, whereas before they did.
Thanks for reading!
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Hi and thanks so much for taking time to prepare such a detailed piece of feedback. I've passed it on to the UI team and they will be reviewing everything. We'll try to address most of the concerns and will likely generate some tasks for them, once they're ready, we'll provide you with links to the tracker to be able to track those down. If you have any other comments or questions please don't hesitate to share them with us.

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Thank you very much!


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