passing environment parameter during deployment step


Initially I have different build job for different environment and also environment paarmeter, so when running the build job for different environment, environment variable get passed to it.

but now i have only one build job i.e devlop branch and i have to pass environment parameter to respective environment with deployment job(which is only pushing the code).

how to acheive such scenario through teamcity as i can see environment paarmeter are there in my deployment job but not get passed during pushing code to server.

is it like that environment parameter can be referenced during build job not deployment job.



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deployment builds get the same parameters than normal builds, so in order to understand what's going on we would need a lot more details of what exactly the builds are doing. From your description it would seem like you are already passing the parameter, since you mention that you are able to see it, but your build might not be picking it up correctly. We would need to know the details of your build process to know what is going on. If you could share a build log and the buildSettings.xml file from the hidden artifacts of a deployment build that failed via the "Submit a request" button on top of this page, it would be helpful.


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