404 Error downloading artifacts - Imported data from another company


We got a dump from another company of their Team City environment for a project they are no longer running.  On of the projects has an error


Failed to download file 'packages/Newtonsoft.Json.9.0.1/lib/portable-net45+wp80+win8+wpa81/Newtonsoft.Json.xml': Failed to download [https://teamcity.ourdomain.com/httpAuth/repository/download/Shared_ParexelCoreEntities_Build/128.tcbuildid/packages/Newtonsoft.Json.9.0.1/lib/portable-net45%2Bwp80%2Bwin8%2Bwpa81/Newtonsoft.Json.xml]


When I try and browse to that location it sure enough is not there.  We are running on Windows and everything i stored on the F Drive,

I can browse as far as



And I see links for 




But they dont work when I click on them

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There are a few possibilities that could affect access to an artifact. As you mentioned, the previous company may have had more than one artifact directory configured. There is a chance another artifact directory could be configured in Administration | Global Settings. More info on this here: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/teamcity/teamcity-configuration-and-maintenance.html#TeamCity+Configuration

It is also possible the artifact has been removed/deleted, either manually by a user or automatically through TeamCity Cleanup. Please read the documentation covering cleanup rules here: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/teamcity/clean-up.html#Clean-up+Rules

Are you able to view 128.tcbuildid in the build history of the build configuration Shared_ParexelCoreEntities_Build?

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Thanks for the reply  Looking at global settings we have system/artifacts setup as our Artifact Directory.

I am really new to TeamCity, so bare with me.

There is a build process and its successful.  Currently its at 1.0.356.  I can look at all the artifacts and everything looks good.  When I look at the job for pushing the build to Proget there is an Artifact Dependency setup.  


Its set to get Artifacts from Last Succesful build.  So is 128 an old ID or something maybe?


Edit:  It does not look like id128 is related to the build number.  My apologies


Failed to resolve artifact dependency <Parexel Core / Parexel Core Entities / Build, build #1.0.356 [id 128]>: Failed to download file 'packages/Newtonsoft.Json.9.0.1/lib/portable-net45+wp80+win8+wpa81/Newtonsoft.Json.xml'



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Another piece of the puzzle that might be relevant is we are using IIS and URL rewrite to redirect to 443.  I am currently trying to untangle that and test without it

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It is working over non SSL, so it must be related to that.  I am currenlty working through that problem.  thanks for the assist

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Awesome, thanks for following up!


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