How to set teamcity.vcsTrigger.runBuildOnSameRevisionInEveryBranch?



I'm creating a release/xyz branch from the already built master branch. The release/xyz is shown in Teamcity under "Non-built branches" and the build needs to be manually triggered. If I make a new commit to release/xyz the build gets automatically triggered, as well as if I create release/xyz from a branch that is not already built.

So, it seems that I have the same problem as described here:

I've tried setting teamcity.vcsTrigger.runBuildOnSameRevisionInEveryBranch both as a Configuration Parameter and as System Properties on the Parameters section of the build configuration, without any luck.

What am I doing wrong?


Hi Erik,


it seems like you are seeing this rather than the one above:


In this case, the parameter that tries to control this scenario is not just the build checking the same revision, but seeing an empty branch, since the tag is considered as a branch. Could you try if the teamcity.​vcsTrigger.​runBuildInNewEmptyBranch parameter does the job for you? Set it to true and try again.


Yes, that did the trick!
Thank you!


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