404 Build configuration with id does not exist



One of my recent configs keeps triggering a `404 Build configuration with id does not exist` error.  It is visible in both regular and experimental UI, but cannot navigate to it.  The one way that I see some more information is by viewing the parent project only through the regular UI.  When viewing here, it does seem to be still running regularly (as I have a cron trigger every 6 hours).

It doesn't seem to be related to the build config id issue that I've been finding in older posts as there are other IDs much longer than the one that I'm using (38 characters - UberIBS_Git_MainMac_MainMacReleasePost)

Trying to navigate to https://<server>/buildResultsSummary.html?buildId=UberIBS_Git_MainMac_MainMacReleasePost (as one of the older post suggests) returns `Build does not exist`

Can someone please help me here?




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Hi Mishael,


thanks for the report. Are you running 2020.1? If that's the case, we had an issue where this could happen under specific circumstances: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-66453 . It was fixed in 2020.1.1 so we would start by recommending an upgrade if possible.


If a server restart fixes the issue, it will also likely be the same case. Should it not, we would like to ask you to follow up on the private ticket you already sent providing server logs covering the time frame where a 404 error happened so that we can find what exactly triggered it.

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Ran the update and restarted the server. Things are looking good. Thank you!


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