Using Multiple VCS Root with different branches.



I have Multiple VCS Roots used for my TC Build and they are all not using default or the same name for the branch. Is this supported in Teamcity, If yes can you refer any documentation on the same. 

I tried it on 2019.2 version and i keep getting unable to collect changes as the branch spec is restricting certain branches to run it on non default branch. 

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When you're working with multiple VCS Roots, it does get a little tricky. TeamCity will try to use the same branch name for both VCS Roots. When one root does not have the same branch name as the other root, the default branch is used. This is covered in the TeamCity v2019.2 documentation along with an example here:

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Thanks Eric! 


This documentation talks about VCS Triggers primarily. My issue was not with trigger, i made sure the Trigger build has 1 VCS Root. 

However the build that is running with Multiple VCS Roos complains about Unable to collect changes. it uses one default branch and another feature branch. Feature branch is part of the branch specification. Should it still be able to go through if default is not listed. 


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