Creating New Bitbucket Project without 'master' branch


I'm trying to create a new project in a fresh installation of TeamCity. I've successfully connected Bitbucket Cloud, and whenever I select a repository from the imported list, I get the following error:

Cannot find revision of the default branch 'refs/heads/master' of vcs root 'dummy VCS root (jetbrains.git)'

It just so happens that none of my git repositories have a 'master' branch. How do I change the default branch when creating new projects in TeamCity? There's no field to specify the default branch, so it fails before I can proceed, thus preventing me from creating even a single project in TeamCity.

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This issue has been reported on our YouTrack as TW-60978, but has been merged into TW-60976 and will be fixed at the same time. I have made an internal reference to your post here on both issues. For now, it seems the only workaround is to temporarily add a master branch while you add it to your project.




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