Password in Kotlin outside VCS settings


Hi, we are trying to create a set of common objects (builds and its components like requirements) that would be reused among VCS settings managed by our team

We would only import this common package and inherit these objects and only fill unique stuff into constructor, so instead of 50+ lines per buildType we would have around 1

We already have this working, but there is a build that requires certain password to be stored as a parameter and maybe we could have some default credentials within the team.

I think using simply Scramble value is not advised, since it can just be unscrambled.

There is credentialJSON, but that only works for VCS settings / per project, right? But this common package sits outside and only should be imported into these various projects, so that's probably not the way... is there some way?

Thank you

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According to the documentation on Managing Tokens, you can use the tokens (credentialJSON) from other projects, provided you are permitted to edit the source project. Maybe this could work for you?



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Will give it a try, thank you!


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