Can we configure the max length of the checkout rules in a gradle based spring configuration?


We recently found the following warn message in our TC logs (see [1]) - it's concerning the gradle based composite build of our product that uses the combined checkoutRules of the sub projects. To my understanding this means that potentially the overall status of our product in TC might not be reflected correctly as it might not pick up some of the sub projects failing (see [2]).

Are these 2000 characters configurable somewhere?

[2020-06-08 10:05:44,870]  WARN [ild chains changes collector 3] - erSide.impl.BuildPromotionImpl - The checkout rules in build configuration "product / product" are too long and will be truncated to 2000 characters. Rules before truncating:

- composite build (green) // as the checkout rule of sub build 3 gets truncated
  - sub build 1 (green)
  - sub build 2 (green)
  - sub build 3 (red)

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Hi Ronald,

Unfortunately, the 2000 characters limit for checkout rules is not configurable - it is a hardcoded value. But maybe if you provide us with more details about your setup, we will be able to suggest a workaround.

It's not clear to me why you need combined checkout rules from three sub builds in your composite build (and also how do you assemble them, do you use dep parameters for that?). It's also not clear to me what you mean by "gradle based composite build".Composite builds can not have any build steps. Their purpose is to aggregate results from the builds they depend on. Could you please elaborate on the above?

Please also attach screenshots of:

  • The build chain in question
  • Versioned Control Settings tab of each build configuration in question
  • Checkout rules configuration of each build

As for the composite build status: it always picks any problems from dependent builds and should become red as soon as any build it depends on goes red. So I can hardly imagine a situation where a composite build is green, while some of the dependencies are red. In your example, I would expect the composite build to be red with something like "Build chain finished (success: 2, failed: 1)" in its status. Could you please share with us full build logs downloaded from the UI displaying the problem? You can use our uploads service to share the logs with us.


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