Case sensitive scheme Bearer authentication (using Prometheus)?



I'm trying to scrape my Teamcity server metris with Prometheus.

I have configured a user account with due permissions, and setup Prometheus configuration in order to scrape using the appropriate bearer token.

But I think that Prometheus is sending a Authorization header with "bearer" instead of "Bearer": actually, I don't know what kind of http request Prometheus is issuing, but I have tested some http calls and it is confirmed that passing in Authorization: bearer <token> is rejected by Teamcity with a 401 response, which I think is the case of Prometheus scraper.

Any suggestions?

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Yes, the header is case sensitive. I am not sure if Prometheus allows to modify the authentication schema for remote targets (so that capitalized Bearer would be used). 

As I understand, though, Prometheus allows to set up a target for scraping with basic auth:
TeamCity REST API also allows usage of basic auth:
Specifically, you can append /httpAuth before /app/rest endpoint parts:


Would this approach work for you?


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