VCS Branch specifications with wildcards trunk branch name.


(using GIT)

I have setup my VCS root : 

Default Branch : refs/heads/BITS-9675-test_drive_stuff

And I also want to watch all branches with the BITS-9568 prefix.

Branch specification
: +:refs/heads/BITS-9568*  

Our branch on GIT all have the "BITS-xxxx" prefix.

And : 

When I look in the view for my build, there is a dropdown menu with  : 

The list is missing the prefix "BITS-xxxx"
I think it should be "refs/heads/BITS-9568-license_sdk_1.4.28" or "BITS-9568-license_sdk_1.4.28"

Is this normal ? 

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Hello Maximilien,

The highlighted branch name is a logical branch name (; long story short, logical branch name here is equal to remote branch name with branch specification rule excluded (that is, minus refs/heads/BITS-9568). 

If you want to include the prefix into logical branch name, I`d suggest to update branch specification for the VCS root to:
This will ensure prefix is included.

On a separate note, branch filter above allows any branch. Could you please let me know if you would like to limit branches for this configuration to just default branch and +:refs/heads/(BITS-9568*)? In this case it may be worthwhile to replace +:* with a more specific condition, such as +:refs/heads/BITS-9675-test_drive_stuff.


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