Inconsistent PowerShell Core Detection


TeamCity Professional 2019.2.3 (build 72031)

The source for my Windows Server 2019 build agents is set to a custom AMI. 

Even though build agents are created from the same AMI, they do not consistently detect PowerShell Core. I am running powershell_Core_7.0.0_x64 7.0.0 and powershell_Desktop_5.1.17763.1_x64 5.1.17763.1 on the agent.

The desktop version is always detected but core is only detected about half the time. When I notice builds not running, I notice that powershell_Core_7.0.0_x64 will not be listed in agent configuration parameters. I have to force stop the instance and keep starting instances until I finally get one that detects properly.

When this happens, I do not see any errors in the build agent log. I have also set in


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Could I ask you to pick any agent instance which is affected by the issue, allow debug logging as per this article (, restart agent process and send over the logs if the PS is still not detected on the instance? 
This will help us to see the paths in use and the PS detector logic output in detail.

To share the logs in a private manner, please feel free to use "Submit a request" form with a link to this request.


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