svn: E175002: SSL handshake failed after upgrading TeamCity


We just upgraded TeamCity from 2019.1 (build 65998) to 2019.2.3 (build 72031)


And TeamCity can no longer connect to our SVN repository: VisualSvn Server v3.9.5

The error is:

Error getting current revision: svn: E175002: SSL handshake failed: 'Received fatal alert: handshake_failure', consider testing your SSL certificate with


As a workaround, I modified my VisualSvn Server settings (Properties > Network > TLS/SSL compatibility)

from Modern (TLS 1.2 only) to Intermediate (TLS 1.0 +)

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most likely it's caused by this issue introduced in 2019.2.3.

Please follow the workaround described here 

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Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for the very fast feedback, I missed it in the known issues.

I seem affected by this issue (the original file was corrupted, contained json).

But after replacing the file by the new version, then restarting TeamCity (I restarted the windows service).

Is there anything else to configure to support TLS 1.2?


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