Move TeamCity to a new machine.


I moved my 2019.2 server on Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2016.  All looks good with the exception that my artifacts and build logs are not included in the build histories. I went back and manually copied the artifacts directory to the new location but still no build logs are present.


What can I do to move this data over?

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Hi Sidney,


How to do this depends on how you moved your server. For artifacts, TeamCity just tracks the actual files in the filesystem under the data directory/system/artifacts. Build logs are actually stored as internal artifacts along regular artifacts, so that's very likely the reason they are not showing up. We have specific instructions to the process as we recommend doing it here:


If you just copied over the server with the data directory, they should appear. If you migrated by using the "Projects Import" feature, that feature rewrites the build IDs for the restored data, so that might make the old builds not work. If that's the case, the process generates a script that you can use to migrate the artifacts to the new data:


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