Store configuration in git.


We store configurations as XML in GIT.

I noticed that the checkbox => [  ] Store secure values (like passwords or API tokens) outside of VCS.   Is not checked.
We have more then 3500 Projects,
I wonder is it save to just check this checkbox?  Will all passwords be moved to the server then?



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Hi Hans, sorry for the delay.

When the option "Store secure values (like passwords or API tokens) outside of VCS" is enabled, TeamCity stores randomly generated IDs in XML configuration files instead of the scrambled passwords in VCS. Actual passwords are stored on the disk under the TeamCity Data Directory and are not checked into the version control system.

But when the option is disabled, the scrambled passwords will be stored in VCS. These implications should be taken into account before enabling this option.

Starting from TeamCity 2020.1 we also support custom encryption keys for scrambling the passwords.


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