TeamCity and path in Visual Studio)


(it has probably been answered before, but I cannot find it ...)

I'm starting investigating TeamCity to replace our home-made CI tools.

I was able to install and configure the tool to get code from bitbucket and launch a build. (Visual Studio sln).

Our Visual Studio solution references files (and other resources) on a mapped drive (L:)  (subst L: C:\) for historical reason.

The build fails on every line that references a file on L  
The file exists and is accessible.


If I replace the reference to its real localtion : 

it compiles.

Is this normal behaviour ? Will I need to update all my projects to link to C: instead of L: ? (not difficult, but long to do).


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Hello Maximilien,

Could you please confirm how your TeamCity agent(s) are configured? Are they running as a service or as a commandline process? What is the user identity they are using?

I am asking because I believe the mapped drives on Windows to be user-specific, so if the agent process is running as a user which has no mapped drive, it`s expected that it won`t be able to access the drive. You may try to run the agent as a command-line process using your account to see if it`s able to access the drive in question. If it works, consider adding a mapping for whatever user the agents are normally running as.
If the agent is running as a service, please mind that by default it will use SYSTEM account:
In this case, you may want to change the user service will use for logon. 

Please do let me know if this was helpful or if any additional assistance is needed.

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I have changed the user for the Agent service,I will see how it goes.

I also added 2 build steps one is to do the subst command and the other one to test if the subst works.

For now it is progressing (compiling) normally.




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