Help with git checkout rules.


I'm currently on TeamCity Enterprise 2018.2.4 and I'm having a lot of trouble with checkout rules and git.
I have a few directories I'd like to checkout: repo1/dir1, repo1/dir2, and repo2/dir3. I can't figure out how to checkout just those files and map them to a specific folder on the agent, say agent_dir. How do I do this?

Also, I'd like to map all three directories to the same folder. Is this possible? I've read checkout rules aren't as powerful with git.


The paths on github look like this:

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I believe the following setup should be suitable for you:

for the VCS root 1 (pointed to repo1):
+:dir1 => agent_dir
+:dir2 => agent_dir

for the VCS root 2 (pointed to repo2):
+:dir3 => agent_dir

With this setup, agent will collect the contents of these three directories into checkout folder/agent_dir; anything else will be skipped. Please mind that it`s best to confirm prior that there are no file conflicts between these folders content. 
Please find more details regarding the checkout rules usage here:


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