Old tags and branches keep building


I don't understand why TeamCity has started to build old tags and branches. I've setup a build chain where all build configurations depend on an initial  unit test. I also have a SonarQube build which seems like it might be triggering the unit test? It's all very confusing. I'm hoping someone's experienced and solved this one. Here are my configs and logs:

Default VCS Root


SonarQube VCS Root for Pull Requests


Logs for the initialization of the build


[16:48:06]Compute revision for 'git@github.com:acme-co/acme-vnext.git'
[16:48:06][Compute revision for 'git@github.com:acme-co/acme-vnext.git'] Upper limit revision: 48700e76c5d03d67c60a8e0e0d7fab4b56d3e696
[16:48:06][Compute revision for 'git@github.com:acme-co/acme-vnext.git'] MaxModId = 26008
[16:48:06][Compute revision for 'git@github.com:acme-co/acme-vnext.git'] Cannot find modification with revision 48700e76c5d03d67c60a8e0e0d7fab4b56d3e696
[16:48:06][Compute revision for 'git@github.com:acme-co/acme-vnext.git'] No modification from VCS root is attached to build configuration, use upper limit revision
[16:48:06][Compute revision for 'git@github.com:acme-co/acme-vnext.git'] Computed revision: 48700e76c5d03d67c60a8e0e0d7fab4b56d3e696
[16:48:06]Compute revision for 'acme_PR_Sonar'
[16:48:06][Compute revision for 'acme_PR_Sonar'] Upper limit revision: c1544332755ea73753ed26f68c5a2a0ec03bdc51
[16:48:06][Compute revision for 'acme_PR_Sonar'] MaxModId = 26008
[16:48:06][Compute revision for 'acme_PR_Sonar'] Latest commit attached to build configuration: c1544332755ea73753ed26f68c5a2a0ec03bdc51
[16:48:06][Compute revision for 'acme_PR_Sonar'] Computed revision: c1544332755ea73753ed26f68c5a2a0ec03bdc51
[16:59:39]The build is removed from the queue to be prepared for the start



We're using TeamCity Professional 2018.1.2 (build 58537)

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Here's an example from my teamcity-vcs.log:


BuildRevision[myVcsRootEntry=VcsRootEntry[VcsSettings["Acme_PR_Sonar" {instance id=68, parent internal id=10, parent id=AcmeVnext_AcmePrSonar, properties: [agentCleanFilesPolicy=ALL_UNTRACKED; agentCleanPolicy=ON_BRANCH_CHANGE; authMethod=TEAMCITY_SSH_KEY; branch=refs/heads/develop; ignoreKnownHosts=true; reportTagRevisions=true; submoduleCheckout=CHECKOUT; teamcity:branchSpec=+:(refs/pull/*/head); teamcity:vcsRootName=Acme_PR_Sonar; teamcitySshKey=Shaun-July2019; url=git@github.com:acmearchitects/Acme-vnext.git; useAlternates=true; usernameStyle=USERID; vcs=jetbrains.git; ]}; Checkout rules: ]], myRevision=RepositoryVersion{myVersion='c1544332755ea73753ed26f68c5a2a0ec03bdc51', myDisplayVersion='c1544332755ea73753ed26f68c5a2a0ec03bdc51', myVcsBranch='refs/heads/develop'}]], myAssociatedBuildId=null, myBranch=cherry-pit, myDesiredBranchName=cherry-pit} reason: pending changes detected, the last change accepted by trigger rules VcsModification{id=26008, VCS root instance id=67, internal version='c1544332755ea73753ed26f68c5a2a0ec03bdc51', username='foobar'}

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That's an old branch named "cherry-pit".

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Hi Najeeb,


In any given build, if you access the build results page, you will have a Triggered by field, that will tell you what triggered the build. There were some issues where old builds could be triggered under some conditions in older releases, so I would strongly recommend upgrading, as also 2018 has been out of support for a while.


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