TeamCity Professional 2019.2.1 - NUnit3 does not find configuration file (namexyz.dll.config)


I can run all tests from VS2019 with Resharper, also the same tests can be run from nunit3-console locally on the build server with all tests passing.  When I run tests in TeamCity, the tests that require configuration settings fail (appears it does not find the *.config file).

The solution and test runner both are set to 3.11.0.  

Run Tests From: **\bin\Integration\*Tests.dll picks up all the tests assemblies

I can't get TeamCity to run these tests successfully, I must be missing something with paths maybe????

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Hi Brian,


it's hard to tell, could you share a screenshot with the full config? The config you shared looks fine, but it might make sense to start by less strict filters, ensure first that you can run all tests by trying to pick up everything, then move on to restrict the filters to just what you want for the build configuration.

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Sorry for the delay in responding.  To solve this particular event, I had to go back to NUnit 3.9.0, it did not appear to pick up the configuration files.  Thank you.




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