How to trigger Pytest and Pylint from Teamcity ?



I am new to Teamcity. I am trying to find a way to trigger Pytest and Pylint from teamcity .


I have already a simple python code and a unit test in teamcity, which is connected to the project in GitHub .  I run it in teamcity and it builds successfully. Now I would like to find a way so that Pytest and Pylint also check the code when it is triggered in teamcity.

Please if anyone knows, let me know .

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TeamCity does not ship by default with python integration, although there is a plugin to provide some degree of integration:


I'm not particularly familiar with pytest or pylint, but they should run just fine. If you would like to see the test results integrated with teamcity's reporting features, we have the ability to import XML reports with compatible formats: , as well as HTML reports:


For pylint specifically you might be interested in this discussion:

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Thank you Denis for your information .

I try to do those !


also would you know if there is any support for Swift programming in Teamcity ? ( swift testing module integration )


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