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Is it possible to use SSO with teamcity 2018 ?
we are using apache on Linux, witd ldap authentication against AD.



Is it possible to use SSO with TeamCity 2018.x? Yes, but whether or not your environment is natively supported depends on a few things. TeamCity 2018.x provides built-in support for NTLM HTTP Authentication, which you could use provided your TeamCity server is Windows and your browser supports it. 

You could easily use JetBrains Hub for SSO through the use of the JetBrains Hub Integration Plugin, which provides support for versions 2018.1 and later. 

We also have an Open API for Plugin Development specifically for TeamCity. Depending on your level of experience, you may be able to use this to create your own plugin for SSO.



Ok, thanks. But as i said we are using Teamcity on Linux.

can i use the jetbrains hub when we run linux on premise ?

writing our  our own is not an option


I guess I need to clarify whether or not you presently have an SSO solution in place. If you do, can you describe it for me?

You can absolutely use JetBrains Hub with your on-premise Linux TeamCity installation. One option would be to connect JetBrains Hub to your AD following these instructions. Then connect your TeamCity installation to Hub by following along here and here




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