How to make builds containing expected "JVM crashed" pass?



We have a build that might crash the JVM (we're testing JDWP), i.e. in this build, we'll start a JVM and its crashing is totally expected. However, even our build succeeds (return 0), TeamCity still detects the JVM crashing keyword in test output and marks that build as a failure. How can we resolve this issue?

You can see the build log via the guest user.

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that's quite a unique requirement. There is a build failure condition enabled by default that fails build on crashes, so you should be able to disable it under the build configuration - Failure conditions . As a reminder, returning 0 means that a build "step" has succeeded, not a "build". Returning 0 is only one of the conditions for a build to succeed (or fail).


As another option if that wouldn't work for you, you can also manually set the status of a build via service messages, so you could probably run a step that checks for some expected result out of a crashed jvm (maybe a crash dump?)


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