How to trigger a build if the last one is old?



So I would like to trigger a build automatically one month after the last one, meaning that if nothing trigger the build (automatically or manually) for a full month it will be triggered by this rule. Is there a way to achieve that?

Thank you in advance,


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Hi Alexis,


There is a scheduled trigger that can trigger on a set schedule, but there is no direct way to reschedule it automatically if a build happens. There are two main possibilities here:

-Trigger a build once a month anyway, even if a build happened in the meantime.

-Add a final build step to the build, with a custom script. This custom script calculates the next date, then modifies the current schedule trigger by using the REST API (, check in particular the endpoint of <buildTypeId>/triggers). That way, whenever the build is ran it will modify the trigger to happen automatically at your desired timing, and if a new build is ran in the meantime, the new build will reset the trigger.


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