LDAP Sync Skips Some Members


When LDAP sync happens in TeamCity, it skips some members. Even after I add the skipped member manually, when I run the sync again, it actually removes the member. Since LDAP sync happens periodically, it causes the user to be not accessible. Here is the log I'm seeing in teamcity-ldap.log.

WARN - jetbrains.buildServer.LDAP - Skipped 13 unknown members during membership synchronization of the remote group '{remoteId=....'  as they are not present in the full list of users or groups. Ignored members: '[the user data here]'

How does this happen? The users do exist in LDAP but TeamCity cannot find the users somehow? How does TeamCity have the list of the skipped members in the first place? How do I solve this kind of issue?



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"they are not present in the full list of users" for a user entry means that LDAP search with the values set in teamcity.users.base and teamcity.users.filter properties does not include those entries. You will need to amend the property vales to include them.


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