REST ITSM Integration


Hi all,

I am trying to integrate our ITSM tool with TeamCity via TeamCity's REST API, however, my ITSM tool needs to import the Output Parameters Schema via a URL.

I have tried providing it with the app/rest/application.wadl but this doesn't appear to be the correct wadl, is there a different one for the output parameters?

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the application.wadl defines in its grammars the xsds that contain the types used by the responses, with most of them being on xsd1.xsd. This files are auto generated by the tooling we use which is pretty standard so I'd expect most tools to be able to follow the links as expected, but you could try to provide those xsds separately if needed.


As another option, if your tooling supports json, we also have swagger support via swagger.json, where everything should be in one file.

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Hi Denis,

Thanks for the response, will give that a try and see how I get on.


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