Designating different external storage within a project?


I'm attempting to push out builds to an S3 bucket. It appears that I'm only able to designate an entire project push to external storage and not per build. Is it possible to do this or does each TC project only push to one storage object? We prefer to be able to send specific builds to S3 when needed, but keep the rest on the local storage. Is this something I can do?

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Hi Ben,

You're right that artifact storages are configured per-project. But you can duplicate your project into a child project so that all the VCS roots and parameters are re-used in your child project, but the artifact storage is redefined. That way, your builds from the parent project will use internal storage, and your builds from the child project will use external storage (or vice versa). Then you can trigger specific builds within a project with external storage when needed.

Best regards,
Mikhail Efremov


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