Can the output results be published to a file?


I have a request to have the test results be published to a file that could be consumed. Is there a simple way to just output the results to a file? Note that the results from multiple steps would all need to be sent to the same file:




Is there a way to get the test results from those three steps output to a file?


I would think you might be able to accomplish the aggregation of these test results using a Composite Build Configuration. A composite build configuration can be used to aggregate results from several other builds and present them in a single place. You can read more about Composite Build Configurations here in our documentation:


I'll take a look. Does that also say how to write the information into a file?


The test results for all the dependent builds will automatically be added to the test results of the composite build and can be downloaded as a CSV file from the UI. There is a nice demo of a composite build on YouTube, if you're interested. The look is a little out of date since this was in 2017.1, but the concept has remained largely the same.


I will check the video, thanks for the help!


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