Teamcity AWS ECS - no tasks started after disabling and re-enabling cloud profile


I've set up integration with AWS ECS, created a Cloud Profile. When I enable Cloud Profile for the first time, it creates 1 task in ECS and Agent then becomes registered with TeamCity.

if I disable the profile (with "terminate 1 instance" option on) and then re-enable it, no more tasks will be started and no agents created. I noticed that stopped agent will be shown in Agents -> cloud tab under my cloud profile.


I tried it with different "max instance" counts and other settings, it seems to not make any difference.

I'd expect at least one agent to be always running for the enabled profile, or am I missing something?

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Hi Alex,


I've been testing this and it doesn't seem to be the case for me, disabling (terminating the instance) and re-enabling the cloud profile seems to work just fine.


Just to clarify, you say that "I'd expect at least one agent to be always running". I understand that you mean that as long as there are builds that require cloud agents, the agents will get started for that. If you do not have queued builds that require the cloud agent, agents will not be started (as this could create unnecessary costs).


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