Teamcity failing to grab all files from VCS


Good afternoon,

I have what I believe to be an interesting issue with TeamCity... 

We have a CI setup that has been setup and functioning for quite some time (I will outline the details of our setup below in more detail). Recently, TC will recognize changes via VCS and automatically kickoff a build as it should; however, when it pulls from the REPO, it doesn't grab the changes??? It pulls all of the same files again? I'm not sure what is going on to cause this issue, it just recently happened and is affecting all builds from what I can tell. 

Tests and changes: 
-Added a simple txt file to the root of the repo
-TC saw the change and kicked off a new build but didn't grab the txt file but it freshly pulls existing files 
-Tested VCS settings to confirm successful connection 

Our Setup: 
TeamCity Version: TeamCity Enterprise 10.0.4 (build 42538)
Our VCS: Plastic SCM -
Builds - .NET 4.5 - builds successful, but of old files

VCS Setup in TC: 

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the plugin for Plastic SCM is developed by the guys at plastic, so we'd recommend getting in touch with them, as the plugin is responsible for handling pulling the changes. Furthermore, TeamCity 10.0.4 has been long out of support. I'd recommend upgrading as well.

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Well I can get it to work successfully from Teamcity just by changing what the job does. And it will pull the latest changes. Therefore, I don't believe the issue is on the Plugin Side.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks! 

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What do you mean exactly with "changing what the job does"?


I'll try to explain it more in depth. When you add a VCS Root to a build configuration, unless you explicitly configure it not to, TeamCity will automatically download the files from the repository following the checkout rules, if any. This task is what seems to be failing, according to your description, and it's run by the related VCS plugin installed into your teamcity server. The information about what has been modified, what needs to be pulled and how it's done is provided by the plugin. If you check the server's plugin list, you will see that every VCS type supported is provided as a plugin (most of them bundled, plastic is not), so this is not just true for plastic scm, is also true for git, mercurial or subversion, but we are responsible for those plugins, not plastic. TeamCity can only collect information from Plastic SCM repos by using the Plastic SCM plugin, which is developed and maintained by them.


You can check the build log of this builds to see if they are reporting any issue, information about any cached content being pulled (leading to the issue), or information on the agent not being able to write the information properly (although in this case it should fail and show that as a problem). Also check if you have any checkout rules that might be interacting with some of this files leading to this issue.


Please keep in mind that the scenario you described is very basic and we run it exactly with other VCS systems every day on testing different components and user issues. We know it works well. I would also expect it to work with Plastic, I know it has been available for some time, but I'm not familiar with it so their team will be able to help you locate any issue in your workflow or configuration.


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